Summer School 2018

Yerevan Physics Institute together with German Electron Synchrotron ‘DESY’ are organizing an AR-BRA Summer School titled "From Measurement to Discovery-The Scientific Method in Physics" for high school students and UNIVERSITY STUDENTS. 

 When - June 4-8, 2018

 Where – Nor Amberd International Conference Center of Yerevan Physics Institute, Byurakan, Aragatsotn

 Who Can Apply – High School Students and UNIVERSITY STUDENTS With Advance Or Good Knowledge Of Physics, Mathematics and/or Computing

 How To Apply – Please fill the form (click Registration Form For Students): Upon receiving your application, we will get in touch with you for further steps’ details. 

NOTE: The working language of the school is ENGLISH and ARMENIAN, each applicant must go under a selection process, after which he/she can be selected to participate in this school. In the application form the applicant must state why he/she wants to participate in the school and what it will give him/her in the future. The number of participants is strongly limited. The school is cost free.

The deadline of applications – 15 May 2018


Topic 1: Particles in the atmosphere

   A. Chilingarian: Physics Activities in Armenia-Germany collaborations.  Astro-particle physics Geo-particle physics
   A. Chilingarian: How to make discovery.
   T. Karapetyan: Barometric Coefficients for SEVAN Aragats 2018.

Topic 2: Astroparticle Physics (cosmic rays, gamma rays, Neutrinos) 

  Johannes Knapp: From Measurement to Discovery –The Scientific Method in Physics. Cosmic Rays. 
  Johannes Knapp: From Measurement to Discovery –The Scientific Method in Physics. Solar Neutrinos.
  Johannes Knapp: From Measurement to Discovery –The Scientific Method in Physics. Neutrino Astronomy.
  Johannes Knapp: From Measurement to Discovery –The Scientific Method in Physics. Gamma Rays.
  Johannes Knapp: Topics discussed at Astroparticle Physics Exercises.
  Johannes Knapp: Definition of interaction cross section.

Topic 3: Experiments on modern particle colliders


  Gevorg Karyan: Measurements and theories, experimental methods.

  Gevorg Karyan: Experimental methods in high energy particle physics.



Topic 4: Fundamental Constants in Physics

  Thomas Naumann: Elementary Particles and Interactions.

  Thomas Naumann: Particle Physics Relativistic Kinematics. Exercises.

  Thomas Naumann: Particle Physics Exercise. Interaction strengths and cross sections.


  Thomas Naumann: The fine tuning of the constants of Nature.





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