ECRS 2012

The 23-rd European Cosmic Ray Symposium ECRS-2012 will be held at the Lomonosov Moscow State University in Moscow from July 2 through July 6, 2012.

23rd European Cosmic Ray Symposium and Russian Cosmic Ray Conference, Moscow, Russia, 2-6 Juny, 2012
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European Cosmic Ray Symposium (ECRS) is a biennial forum where scientists from Europe and other parts of the world can gather and discuss the actual problems and new findings in cosmic ray physics. Traditionally ECRS covers the whole spectrum of cosmic-ray related studies, from solar-terrestrial to ultra-high energy. The series of ECRS has been initiated in 1968 and since then takes place every two years, between biennial International Cosmic Ray Conferences. During its 40-year history ECRS has been hosted in 12 European countries , and in 2012 took place  in Russia.          

 Scientific Program

The main goal of the European Cosmic Ray Symposium is that of spreading throughout the European Physics community the information concerning the status of the research in cosmic rays and related fields, the recent results, the new coming idea and the shortcoming new experiments. The symposium  will consist of overviews, highlight  and reporter's  talks  as well as  oral and poster presentations on the following topics:

  1. PCR ( theory and  experiments at all energies)
  2. EAS, muons, neutrino – astrophysical aspect
  3. GeV and  TeV gamma astronomy
  4. Energetic particles in the heliosphere (solar CR,  anomalous Cts and GCR modulation)
  5. Cosmic Rays and Geophysics. (Energetic particles in the atmosphere and magnetosphere of the Earth)
  6. Miscellaneous (contribution from other areas)