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  • Climb to Aragats (Duty shift change in February) (Feb 8, 2023)
    The Aragats Cosmic Ray observatory, used for studying particle acceleration in outer space and the terrestrial atmosphere (see attachment), is located at an elevation of 3200 m . asl (above sea level) on the shore of Kare Lake (Kari Lij). Strong winds, predominantly from west to northwest, relocate large amounts of unconsolidated winter snow, accumulating on the sheltered...
  • New Discoveries of Aragats Physicists (Jan 6, 2023)
    The first years of Armenia's independence were very difficult for the staff at Yerevan Physics Institute’s Cosmic Ray Division (CRD). With funding suddenly stopped from the largest soviet ministry, there was no fuel, electricity, and food. Monthly salaries were the equivalent of five U.S. dollars. The construction of the world’s largest cosmic ray experiment, ANI...
  • Continuation of TEPA conference series in the Czech Republic (Nov 4, 2022)
    The new emerging field of high-energy physics in the atmosphere (HEPA) has been enriched recently by important observations of particle fluxes on Earth’s surface, in the troposphere, and in space. HEPA presently includes three main types of measurements: Terrestrial Gamma Ray Flashes (TGFs) – brief bursts of gamma radiation (sometimes also electrons and positrons)...
  • Конференция по радиобиологии на склоне вулкана Арагац./Б. Штерн/ (Jan 23, 2022)
    «Скворечники» с пластиковыми сцинтилляторами — часть установки для широких атмосферных ливней. Ашот Чилингарян (в сером свитере и красном шарфе) ждет экскурсантов
  • Crash of the titans: imminent merger of giant Crash of the titans: imminent merger of giant black... (Jan 20, 2022)
    Crash of the titans: imminent merger of giant Crash of the titans: imminent merger of giant black holes predicted  black holes predicted
  • Луч смерти | Космические убийцы (Jan 20, 2022) Для многих космос - это что-то фантастическое и романтическое. На самом деле это очень опасное место. Одно из сокрушительных оружий космоса - космическая радиация. Как проникают сквозь толщу атмосферы Земли гамма-лучи и другие "лучи смерти"? После гибели крупной звезды всплеск радиации способен...
  • CRD Annual report 2021 /main achievements, directions of research/ (Jan 20, 2022)
      Last decade the research in high-energy physics in the atmosphere (HEAP) was mostly concentrated on measuring the particle fluxes from the electrified atmosphere (thunderstorm ground enhancements, TGEs, and Terrestrial gamma flashes, TGFs) and revealing their origin. Afterward, in 2021 started the research of the atmospheric electric fields with particle...
  • The Quest to Understand How Thunderstorms Create Gamma Rays (Jan 20, 2022)
    Researchers in Japan are enlisting an army of citizens to explore how thunderstorms on Earth  create extreme bursts of radiation usually associated with black holes and other cosmic objects. By Elizabeth Gibney.
  • 2002-2003 interviews (Jan 19, 2022)
     2002-2003 interviews
  • О шаровых молниях - как возможном источнике фотонов (Dec 10, 2021)
    3 декабря в ЛФВЭ в онлайн-формате состоялся общелабораторный семинар, на котором с докладом "Шаровая молния как возможный источник фотонов высоких энергий" выступил  М.Л.Шматов (Физико-технический институт имени А.Ф.Иоффе РАН, Санкт-Петербург). Вообще предположения об испускании шаровой молнией ионизирующего излучения, в основном...