Projects & Research

CRD 2008 projects, Entering European Research Area

  • INTAS 8777 “Solar and galactic cosmic ray particle acceleration and modulation”, Project manager A. Chilingarian, period 2007-2008, status – implementing, funding partiy Europe, total funds promised - $120,000.
  • EUROPEAN OFFICE OF AEROSPACE RESEARCHAND DEVELOPMENT (EOARD) FA865-01-1.3014, "Development and installation of the new hybrid particle detectors for the creating world-wide network aimed on the space weather research", Project manager A. Chilingarian, period 2007-2008, status- approved, funding parties USA, total funds promised - $30,000.
Submitted and Preparing Projects
  • ISTC, “Investigation of regional climate sensitivity to the gases of natural and anthropogenic origin”, Project manager A. Arakelyan, period 2008-2010, status – under submission, funding parties Europe, USA, total funds - $91,000.
  • ENP (European Neighborhood), “Development of the technical and scientific infrastructure for Particle Detector network of the Aragats International Space Environmental Center (AISEC)of Alikhanyan Physics Institute”, Project manager A. Chilingarian, period 2008-2010, status – submitted by ministry of trade and economical development to EU commissions, funding parties: Europe, total requested funds - $700,000.
  • Research on Galactic Cosmic Rays from the “knee” to the “cutoff” (1016-1019) eV at the Aragats Cosmic Ray Observatory, Project manager A. Chilingarian, period 20010-2012, status – under preparation, proposal published, total funds - M$10.