Analysis and Nonparametric Inference (ANI)

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What ANI is intended to do

The program represents an unified methodology of multivariate data analysis, collected on modern cosmic ray physics installations consisting of:

  • optimal utilization of information contained in simulation trials and experimental events;
  • best feature subsets selection and initial dimensionality reduction;
  • optimized methods of multivariate probability density estimation;
  • scanning of multivariate distributions to investigate embedded nontrivial structures;
  • nonparametric estimation of regression function; Neural Network and Bayesian classification and background rejection;

The main physical problems to be solved are:

  • event - by - event analysis of extensive air shower data;
  • hadronic background rejection in detection of very high estimation of the chemical composition of primary cosmic rays;
  • determination of the type and the energy of primary particles;
  • analysis of the data from the system of imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes.
  • to obtain model - independent estimates of some parameters of the strong interaction at superaccelerator energies by the characteristics of the electron - photon, hadron and muon component of EAS.

What ANI is not intended to do

  • simulation of nuclear-electromagnetic cascade in the atmosphere;
  • estimation of the detector response;
  • ANI is not intended also for the repeated solution of identically parametrized problems (such as shower size reconstruction) where a specialized program will be in general much more efficient.

Further remarks

This manual consists of three parts:

  • A reference guide explaining the concepts and how to use ANI for maximum benefit;
  • A tutorial about mathematical foundations of new nonparametric statistical methods;
  • A tutorial on the interpretation of ANI results and examples of implementation for different Cosmic Ray experiments data analysis.