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1st Meeting of the Advisory Committee (AC) of the ASEC Collaboration Nor Amberd, 17 May 2019 ASEC Consultative Board Members



2023 Report

Plans for 2023 

Measurement of the horizontal flux of cosmic ray muons with ASNT spectrometer.

Measurement of the positron flux enhancements during thunderstorms.

Analyses of the recent data of proton energy spectra in the PeV region, calculation of the biases in the energy estimation of PeVatrons by LHAASO experiment.

Measurement of Solar proton events, Geomagnetic effects, and Forbush decreases with the SEVAN network in the coming maximum of the 25th solar cycle, which  outperforms the official forecast. 

Research of the thunderstorm ground enhancements, exploring relations between  relativistic runaway process in the atmosphere (RREA) and enhanced particle fluxes  measured on the Earth's surface (TGE). 

Recover differential energy spectra with four particle spectrometers (ASNT, SEVAN,  CUBE, NaI) in the broad energy interval from 300 KeV to 100 MeV; 

Simulation of the RREA process in the strong atmospheric electric fields with  CORSIKA and GEAN4 codes; 

Developing methodology and performing measurements of the vertical and horizontal  profile of the atmospheric electric field with extending network of particle detectors  and the slopes of Mt. Aragats and with a mobile measuring facility. 

Measurements of the modulation of the cosmic-ray flux traversing the electrified  atmosphere. Remote sensing of electric fields in the lower atmosphere by measuring  the energy spectra of electrons and gamma rays. 

Maintaining and modernizing experimental facilities and technical infrastructure on  research stations and the SEVAN network.  

Modernizing networking infrastructure, data transfer, storage, and providing access to  users worldwide. 

Modernization of ADEI knowledge platform, update WiKi site, perform visual  tutorials, add new data analysis features, and develop a mirror site in Germany. 

Conferences 2023 

The International Space Weather Initiative (ISWI) annual meeting 10 February 2023,  Vienna UN headquarters. United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer  Space was launched ISWI in 2009 and formally concluded as an agenda item of the  Committee in 2012. However, ISWI activities continued and, since 2013, are discussed  under the new permanent agenda item on Space Weather in the Scientific and Technical  Subcommittee of the Committee. 

A.Chilingarian, T.Karapetyan, B.Sargsyan, Report on SEVAN network activities in 2022. 

EGU General Assembly 2023, Vienna, April 23-28. SEVAN European particle detector network for the atmospheric, solar, and space weather  studies, by Tigran Karapetyan, A.Chilingarian, and B.Sargsyan. 

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Chairperson of ASEC Collaboration: Ashot Chilingarian

Secretary of ASEC Collaboration: Mary Zazyan