1. International Space Weather Initiative (ISWI 2022)

The International Space Weather Initiative (ISWI) of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space was launched in 2009 and formally concluded as an agenda item of the Committee in 2012. However, ISWI activities continued and since 2013 are discussed under the new permanent agenda item on Space Weather in the Scientific and Technical Subcommittee of the Committee.

Annual meeting 11 February 2022, Vienna UN headquarters.

A.Chilingarian, T.Karapetyan, B.Sargsyan, Report on SEVAN network activities in 29021, and 2022 plans.

2021SEVAN report for ISWI /pdf/

Website: https://www.unoosa.org/oosa/en/ourwork/psa/bssi/iswi.html

  2. Workshop on Thunderstorm Radiation 

     1 April 2022, Prague, Czech Republic.


     How Energy spectra of TGE electrons help to reveal the atmospheric electric field in the lower atmosphere

 3. NASA Workshop on Lightning-Related Research Beyond the Troposphere 

     2-3 May 2022


 4. General Assembly of the European Geophysical Union 

     23-27 May 2022, Vienna, Austria

     A.Chilingarian, G. Hovsepyan

 5. 17th International Conference on Atmospheric Electricity  (ICAE 2022) 

     19-24 June 2022, Tel Aviv, Israel

     A.Chilingarian, G. Hovsepyan, L. Kozliner
     A.Chilingarian, B. Sargsyan*

Charge distribution in the thundercloud, electron acceleration, and lightning initiation

 6. Всероссийской конференции по космическим лучам 2022

     27 June-2 July 2022, Moscow, RF

Зазян М.З., Овсепян Г.Г., Чилингарян А.А.
     Чилингарян А., Овсепян Г., Карапетян Т., Саркисян Б., Свечникова Е.
     Саргасян Б., 
     Чилингарян А.

1. Интерференция внеземных ускорителей частиц и ускорителей, работающих в земной атмосфере
2. Энергетические спектры легких и тяжелых первичных космических лучей в диапазоне энергий  от 10 ТэВ до 100 ПэВ
3. Переходные световые события в нижней части атмосферы, возникающие в периферийных областях грозы
4. Циркуляция продуктов радона в земной атмосфере во время гроз, 37 Всероссийской конференции по космическим лучам

       7. ATmospheric MOnitoring for High Energy Astroparticle Detectors (AtmoHEAD 2022)
       13 July-15 July 2022, Island of Capri, Italy

A Chilingarian, G Hovsepyan, M Zazyan
     A Chilingarian, G Hovsepyan, T Karapetyan, and B Sargsyan and M Zazyan

1. Sinergy of extra-terrestrial particle accelerators and accelerators operated in the terrestrial atmosphere

 8. The 27th European Cosmic Ray Symposium (ECRS 2022)
       25 July-29 July 2022, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

A. Chilingarian, G. Hovsepyan, M. Zazyan
     G. Hovsepyan, A. Chilingarian

 9. Hybrid Symposium On Cosmic Ray Studies With Neutron Detectors
    26 September-30 September 2022, Athens, Greece
    A. Chilingarian,