A century of cosmic rays

PROGRAMME OF Summer School 2012


Friday, 1 June

Session 1: Chairperson - A.Chilingarian

Hartmut Gemmeke "Particle radio emission in the atmosphere; history of detection, instrumentation and opened possibilities"
Hartmut Gemmeke "First Results from the KIT  3D Computer Tomography"
Razmik Mirzoyan "Begining of the Atmospheric  Air Cherenkov Technique "


Monday, 4  June

Session 2: Chairperson –  J.Knapp

Ashot Chilingarian "Thunderclouds another source of MeV electrons, gamma rays and neutrons"

Johannes Knapp "Introduction to Astroparticle Physics; Cosmic Rays and Photons" 

Session 3: Chairperson – Ashot Chilingarian

Razmik Mirzoyan "How do we profit from air  showers seen in Cherenkov light"

Hartmut Gemmeke "Signals from the particle detectors and their treatment; modern trends"


Tuesday, 5 June

Session 4: Chairperson – Bagrat Mailyan

Johannes Knapp "Recent Results from the Pierre Auger Observatory"

Razmik Mirzoyan "Fast Photon Detectors fom Astro-Particle Physics"

Session 5: Chairperson – Bagrat Mailyan

Hartmut Gemmeke "Results of the ISTC project A1554 Chairperson"
Bagrat Mailyan "Recovering of the TGE electron and gamma ray energy spectra"

Hartmut Gemmeke "Highlights of the field: Status and Results from the Auger Engineering Array (AERA); AERA Hardware and Self-Trigger"


Wednesday, 6 June

Session 6: Chairperson – Bagrat Mailyan

Johannes Knapp "Ultra-high Energy Cosmic Rays "
Razmik Mirzoyan "Ultra-fast Light sensors for Astroparticle Physics"


Session 7: Chairperson Johannes Knapp