Head of CRD

Contact Information   
 Name: Ashot Chilingarian


  E-mail: chili@aragats.am 

   Organization: Yerevan Physics Institute, YerPhI

  Adress: Alikhanyan Brothers Str., 375036  Yerevan, Armenia

  Tel: 374-10-35-20-41

Professional Biography of Professor Ashot Chilingarian
(Born: May 18, 1949, in Yerevan, Armenia)


Prof. Ashot Chilingarian, born 18 May 1949, is the Head of Cosmic Ray Division (CRD) of A.Alikhanyan National laboratory (Yerevan Physics Institute, YerPhI).

Prof. Chilingarian earned his Ph.D. in 1984 and Doctorate of Science in
 Physics and Mathematics in 1991 from YerPhI. Prof. A. Chilingarian has a vast experience in cosmic ray physics, machinelearning, multivariate statistical data analysis, space weather, and atmospheric electricity. He has made 􏰁 substantialcontribution to the measurement of cosmic ray composition and energyspectrum using facilities on Mt. Aragats (MAKET experiment), Armenia and in Karlsruhe, Germany (KASKADE experiment).He developed advanced analysis methods for the photon shower identification in gamma ray astronomy, which substantiallyenhanced the sensitivity of the gamma ray imaging techniques. Prof. Chilingarian creates the Aragats Space Environmental Center (ASEC) and Armenian geophysics measurements network. He founded theworldwide network of new particle detectors for researches in space weatherand solar physics, named SEVAN (Space Environment Viewing and AnalysisNetwork). Nodes of the SEVAN network are now operating in Armenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia, and Czech Republic (2 nodes will be installed in 2019 in DESY Zeuthen and Hamburg). His group discovers simultaneous fluxes of electrons, gamma rays, and neutrons correlated with thunderstorms proving the existence of the new high-energy phenomenon in the atmosphere (so-called Thunderstorm Ground Enhancements - TGEs).

Outside his field, Prof. Chilingarian has been interested in applying his data analysis methods to pattern recognition and genome analysis. In 2000-2001 he collaborated with the Huntsman cancer institute in Utah, USA to develop multivariate methods of DNA microarray data treating based on quantification of different types of gene expression in normal and tumor- affected tissues. This work culminated in a patent application by Utah University.

In 80-ths Prof. A. Chilingarian developed methodology of machine learning for high-energy physics and astrophysics experiments. He is the author of the ANI (Analysis and Nonparametric Inference) computer code library. He introduced the "multidimensional nonlinear cuts" method for analyzing data from the Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes. The methodology of the event-by-event analysis of the Extensive Air Shower experiments provides the estimation of energy spectra for separate groups of the primary nucleolus and partial energy spectra of primary cosmic rays. The group he led discovers the highest energy protons (with energies greater than 20 GeV) accelerated in the vicinity of the Sun on 20 January 2005 during Ground Level Enhancement event N 69.

Prof. Chilingarian has authored more than 350 scientific publications and served on many international scientific and editorial boards. He wins World Summit on Information Society award (Geneva, 2003) in the category of e-science; Armenia president award in Physics (2013); and Armenian Engineers and Scientists of Americas (AESA's) Scientist of the Year Award (2017). Prof. Chilingarian is fellow of the American Physical Society (APS).

The Space Education center (master courses) established by Prof. Chilingarian in YerPhI for a new generation of students has a special emphasis on participation in current international research projects of CRD. Prof. Chilingarian is professor at National Research Nuclear University MEPhI and he is leading a Russian National Foundation project in the Space Physics Research Institute of Russian Academy of Science. Also, he assists in the Scientific Advisory Committee of the EU project in the Czech Republic. 

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