• 30/11/00

    Test of primary model predictions by EAS size spectra.

    Reporter: Prof. Samvel Ter-Antonyan

  • Overview of topics discussed during NATO Advanced Study Institute School-

    Astrophysical Sources of High Energy particles & Radiations.

    Reporter: Nerses Gevorgyan

  • 21/12/00

    Some observable evidence of registration of neutrons before flares from the Sun.

    Reporter: Hamlet Martirosyan

  • 19/01/01.

    Experiment for registration of delayed particles in EAS.

    Reporteres: A. Daryan, H.Sogoyan

  • 25/01/01

    Some results on the simulation study of attenuation length.

    Reporter: L. Melkumyan

    Investigation of the "Constant intensity cut" method.
    Reporter: S. Sokhoyan

  • 20/06/01

    Particle acceleration by Sun.

    Reporter: Prof. Vahe Petrossyan

  • 26/09/01

    Summary of XXVII ICRC.

    Reporter: Prof. A. Chilingaryan

  • 5/10/01

    Summary of XXVII ICRC. Overview of some results on EAS experiments.

    Reporter: A. Vardanyan

  • Summary of XXVII ICRC. Solar Heliosphere session.

    Reporter: N. Gevorgyan

  • 1/11/01

    Simulation of Giant Air Showers with Classical Gribov-Regge Models

    and also with Diquark Breaking Alternative.

    Reporter: Prof. Jean-Noel Capdevielle, College de France, Paris, France

  • 15/11/01

    Models of Ion Acceleration on the Sun.

    Reporter: Prof. A. Chilingaryan

  • Analysis of Solar Energetic Event of November 6, 1997

    Reporter: Mr. H. Martirosyan

  • 22/11/01

    Correlation analysis of SEP event from 13 April 2001.

    Reporter: Prof. A. Chilingaryan

  • Analysis of Ground Level Enhancement (GLE) from 15 April, 2001.

    Reporter:Mr. H. Martirosyan

  • 28/11/01

    Reports of session projects to be present at YSU.

    Reporters: Mr. R. Petrosyan, Mr. A. Soghomonyan, Mr. H. Karapetyan

  • Background muon variations.

    Reporter: A. P. Garyaka

  • The cosmic ray energy spectrum around knee measured with the GAMMA array at Mt. Aragats.

    Reporter:A. P. Garyaka, R. M. Martirosov

  • The cosmic ray energy spectrum around knee measured with the GAMMA array at Mt. Aragats.

    Reporter:A. P. Garyaka, R. M. Martirosov, J. Procureur, V. S. Eganov, E. A. Mamidjanian

  • 13/03/02

    New method of direct determination of energy and chemical composition of cosmic rays.

    Reporter: V. A. Ivanov

  • Barometric coefficients for the Aragats Solar Environment Center installations.

    Reporter: V. Kh. Babayan

  • Test alert service against very large solar energetic particle events with hard spectra.

    Reporter: N. E. Gevorgyan

  • Fine structure of the ground level enhancements as possible identifier of the Solar energetic particles type.

    Reporter: H. Martirosyan

  • Statistical analysis of the ground level enhancements registered in different secondary fluxes and at different altitudes.

    Reporter: A.A. Chilingarian