Papers with references to CRD 2019

1. A global atmospheric electricity monitoring network for climate and geophysical research

K.A. Nicoll1,2, R.G. Harrison1, V. Barta3, J.Bor3, R. Brugge1, A. Chillingarian4, J. Chum5, A. K.Georgoulias6, A. Guha7, K. Kourtidis6 , M. Kubicki8, E. Mareev9, J. Matthews10, H. Mkrtchyan4, A. Odzimek8, J.-P. Raulin11, D. Robert12, H. G. Silva13, J. Tacza11, Y. Yair14, R. Yaniv15,16

Abstract:The Global atmospheric Electric Circuit (GEC) is a fundamental coupling network of the climate system connecting electrically disturbed weather regions with fair weather regions across the planet. The GEC sustains the fair weather electric field (or potential gradient, PG) which is present globally and can be measured routinely at the surface using durable instrumentation such as modern electric field mills, which are now widely deployed internationally. In contrast to lightning or magnetic fields, fair weather PG cannot be measured remotely...