TEPA -2012

The Thunderstorms and Elementary Particle Acceleration (TEPA-2012) conference is the second one devoted to the studies of the extreme atmospheric effects connected with amplification of electric fields in the lower atmosphere. The first TEPA conference was organized in 2010 by Alikhanyan National Science Laboratory of Armenia. TEPA–2012 will be hosted by Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia.

Session 1.Transient Luminous Effects (TLE) through atmospheric boundarie.
1.1. Ground-based observations of TLE  during increasing thunderstorm activity
1.2. Space-based observations of TLE.
1.3. Future experiments for observing TLE.
1.4. Modeling and current theory development.
Session 2.Terrestrial Gamma Flashes (TGF) through atmospheric boundaries.
2.1. Space-based observations of TGF
2.2. Future experiments for observing TGF.
2.3. Modeling and current theory development.
Session 3. On ground energetic  phenomena during thunderstorm activity.
3.1. Detection of thunderstorm ground enhancements (TGEs);
3.2. Relativistic runaway breakdown in the atmosphere.
3.3. Structure of the electrical fields in the thunderstorm atmospheres.
3.4. Modeling and current theory development.
3.5. Laboratory experiments on atmospheric phenomena

A. Chilingaryna, B. Malian,L. Vanyan 
  Recovering of TGE electron and gamma ray energy spectra 
 A. Chilingaryan, L. Vanyan        
  Simuletions of the secondary cosmic ray propagation in the Thunderstorm ground enhancements (TGEs) 
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