These semi empirical data for fluxes of cosmic particles at different altitudes, obtained by
compilation and averaging the data published by various groups (KIEL - DESY, DEIS, MUTRON, ARAGATS) [1] until 1985. List of major works is given below. Data on muon spectra for the 3200m altitude obtained Aragats Research Station by N.M.Kocharyan et al. (vertical flux of muons and protons at energies of 2 - 100 GeV) [2] and by T.L.Asatiani et al. (horizontal muon flux up to energies of ~ 1 TeV ) [3]. Analytical calculation of the vertical muon spectrum for sea level held by Yu.A.Trubkin and V.M.Fedorov (LPI RAS) in the energy range 10 - 3×104 GeV [4]. Integral dependence streams of different components of cosmic radiation at different altitudes is taken from O.Alkofer and P.Grider [5]. When constructing horizontal spectra were mainly used the data of [6] and [7].

You can download numerical data of the spectrums (xls).

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