• COST 724: Developing the scientific basis for monitoring, modeling and predicting Space Weather
    Scientific Workshop, ATHENS 10-14 OCT 2005

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  • Solar Extreme Events 2005:Fundamental Science and Applied Aspects, Nor-Amberd, Armenia, 26-30 September, 2005
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  • 29th International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC 2005), 03-10 August, Pune, India
    CRD Presentations
  1. A Chilingarian et al, Multivariate correlation analysis of transient solar events by the facilities of Aragats Space Environmental Center (ASEC)
  2. H Martirosyan et al, Correlation of the estimated arrival time of the relativistic solar ions at 1 AU and start of ground level enhancement (GLE)
  3. A.Chilingarian et al., Space Weather Observatory at Aragats mountain in Armenia
  4. K Arakelyan et al., Nor-Amberd multidirectional muon monitor: new detector for the world-wide network
  5. G Hovsepyan et al., The Size Spectra of Extensive Air Showers in the "Knee" region Measured by Maket- ANI detector
  6. G Hovsepyan et al., The Lateral Distribution Function of Extensive Air Showers Measured by Maket-ANI detector 

  • Regional Planning Meeting for the Balkan and Black Sea Region,Sozopol, Bulgaria, 6-8 June, 2005
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    1. A. Chilingarian, Space Weather and Solar Physics: basic science influencing everyday life

    • 3rd Iranian Conference on Machine Vision, Image Processing & Applications (MVIP2005)
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      1. A.Chilingaryan, Patterns in High Energy Astrophysics- on the Statistical Methods of the Cosmic Ray Point Sources Detection
      2. A. Chilingarian, Space Weather Research for Developing Countries
      3. A. Eghikyan, DVIN II, Data Visualization Interactive Network
      4. A.Reimers, Feature Selection for the Gamma-ray Astronomy

    • Commercialization of R&D Results in Armenia, April 18-20, Tsaghkadzor, Armenia,
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    1. Summary of CRD Activities
    2. CRD Business Proposition: Armenian Neural Network Center