• Third European Space Weather Week, Brussels, Belgium, November13-17, 2006
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    CRD Presentations
    1. A. Chilingarian, Cosmic Rays in Space Weather Research
  • E-Conference: ICT for Economic Development, October 23 - November 3, 2006
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  • Global E-Content Summit: Empowering Creators and Educators, Yerevan, Armenia,October 5-7, 2006
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    CRD Presenations
    1. Speech: Nor-Amberd Declaration
    2. Presentation: CRD Activity Review
  • 8th Hvar Astrophysical Colloquium, Dynamical Processes in the Solar Atmosphere, September 24-29, 2006, Hvar, Croatia
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    Final Announcement
    CRD Presentations
    1. Lecture: A. Chilingarian, Solar Flares and CME as modulated agents of the Cosmic Ray flux incident on terrestrial atmosphere.What can we deduce from particle detector data?
  • 29th All-Russian Cosmic Ray Conference, Moscow, Russia,August 3-5, 2006
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  • 36th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Beijing, China, July 16-23, 2006
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    CRD Presentations
    1. A. Eghikyan, A. Chilingarian, Data Visualisation Interactive Network for the Aragats Space-environmental Center,abstract
    2. K. Arakelyan et al.,New Detector for Space Weather research on mt. Aragats, abstract
    3. A. Chilingarian et al., A new type Particle Detector Network for Solar Physics and Space Weather Research, abstract
    4. A. Chilingarian et al.,Characteristics of Proton Acceleration at the Sun on January 20, 2005, observed by the surface particle detectors, abstract

  • The First International Symposium on Space Education, Moscow, Russia, June 26-30, 2006
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    Symposium Presentations
    1. Igor Belokonov, The project of the scientific - educational small satellite for research of Earth upper atmosphere density
    2. Igor Belokonov et al., Summer space schools as the effective form of operation above international educational space projects
    3. J.D. Burke, O.Zhdanovich, Progress in Lunar Educational Missions: A discussion for UNIVERSAT 2006
    4. Y. S. Chen, Bill Wu, NSPO` s Microsatellite Program
    5. A.Chilingarian, Particle detectors networks for the Fundamental Physics, Space Weather and Education
    6. Norma B. Crosby, Coupling of Atmospheric Layers EU FP5 RTN Project: Engaging Scientists in Training and Outreach Activities
    7. G.K. Garipov et al., Ultraviolet Radiation Detector of the MSU Research Educational Micro satellite UNIVERSITETSKIY-TAT`YANA
    8. Project TRIPOD: Telescope, Teaching, Observing
    9. Bauman State Univesity Group
    10. S.I. Klimov, L.M. Zelenyi, V.G. Rodin, Project of the Russian Academy of Sciences - Chibis. Micro-satellite platform for applied-scientific studies
    11. Yu.F.Knizhnikov, E.G.Kharkovets, E.A Baldina, The computer-based practical stereo measurements training course in the aerospace education for the students of geographical specialities
    12. A.V. Kozlov et al., Practical Training for Students in Simulated Satellite Navigation for Universitetskiy-Tatyana Satellite (an Educational Facility)
    13. A.V. Kozlov, Simulation of GPS Carrier Phase Observables and Feasible Attitude Determination Algorithms for UNIVERSITETSKIY-TATYANA Sattelite
    14. MSU-250: Educational and Scientific Space Science Project
    15. Laurence de Botton, EXPRESSO : Teaching and Student Projects
    16. V. Mayorova, Baumanets Student Micro-Satellite
    17. S.V Ogurtsov, Satellite telemetry and remote sensing techniques in ecological and zoological education
    18. S. Pulinets et al., Mexico-Russia nanosatellite for earthquakes precursors monitoring
    19. Nanosatellite for scientific research
    20. A. Zaitsev, The Educational Program of Youth Center: Space Communications and Informatics
    21. V. M. Zhuravlev, Space Physics Practice at Ulyanovsk State University
    Conference Program
  • 13th Young Scientists Conference on Astronomy and Space Physics, Kiev, Ukraine, April 25-29, 2006
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    CRD Presentations
    1. Karen Arakelyan, Ashot Chilingarian, New Detector for Space Weather Research at Mt. Aragats
    2. Aram Eghikyan, Ashot Chilingarian, Data Visualization Interactive Network for the Aragats Space-environmental Center
  • Annual Meeting of the Balkans, Black Sea and Caspian Sea Regional Network on Space Weather Studies
    March 30 - April 1, 2006 / Manavgat - Antalya, TURKEY

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    CRD Presentations
    1. A. Chilingarian, A middle-to-low magnitude particle detector network for Space Weather research
  • COST 724 Action
    8th Management Committee Meeting at Antalya (Turkey),27th to 30th March 2006

    Meeting Information
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    CRD Presentations
    1. A. Chilingarian, On the maximal energy of protons accelerated at Sun 20 January 2005
  • The First IHY European General Assembly, January, 10-13th 2006, Paris (France)
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    CRD Presentations
    1. A. Chilingarian, IHY Activity in Armenia, poster