26th International Cosmic Ray Conference, Salt-Lake City
CRD Reports

  1. The EAS Size Spectrum measured at ANI Cosmic Ray Observatory in the region of Knee
  2. Test of High-Energy Hadronic Interaction Models using EAS Data
  3. Precision Test of Hadronic Interaction Models with KASCADE Data
  4. Cosmic Ray Energy Spectrum around the Knee by Muon Density Measurements at KASCADE
  5. The EAS Size Spectrum Measured at ANI Cosmic Ray Observatory in the Region of Knee
  6. Analysis of Electron and Muon Size Spectra of EAS
  7. Estimation of the Energy Spectrum in the Knee Region by the KASCADE-Experiment
  8. Measurement of the EAS Muon Characteristics in the Knee Region on the Mountain Level
  9. A Model Independent Method for Determination of Muon Density Fluctuations in EAS
  10. Studies of the Relative Arrival Time Distributions of the Electromagnetic and Muon EAS Component in the KASCADE Experiment
  11. Estimate of the Cosmic Ray Composition by a Pattern Analysis of the Core of PeV EAS
  12. A Multivariate Approach for the Determination of the Mass Composition in the Knee Region
  13. First Measurement of the Knee in the Hadronic Component of EAS
  14. Analysis of the Muon/Electron Ratio in EAS
  15. EAS Muon Arrival Time Distributions Measured in the KASCADE Experiment
  16. Estimation of the Primary Mass with Hadronic Observables in EAS Cores
  17. Recent Additions to the Extensive Air Shower Simulation Code CORSIKA
  18. Selection of Showers with Given Energies at the GAMMA Experiment (Armenia)
  19. Concept and Layout of the EAS Muon Arrival Time Distribution Measurements on Mt. Aragats Observatory
  20. The KASCADE Air Shower Experiment: Composition Analyses and Energy Spectrum
  21. Registration of the Solar Activity During Cycle-23 with the ANI Cosmic Ray Observatory Facilities
  22. Observation of Solar Neutrons by the World-Wide Network of Solar Neutron Detectors
  23. The MAGIC Telescope Project