1. Ashot Chilingarian:  Particle fluxes from thunderclouds: measurements and myths

2. Bagrat Mailyan: Constraining the source properties of individual Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes

4. Tigran Karapetyan: Presentation how to access the data bases of Cosmic ray Division




Vitaly Bogomolov:  Results of TGE Study in 0.03-10 MeV Energy Range in Ground Experiments near Moscow and Aragats 
9. Maxim Dolgonosov: Investigation of atmospheric high-energy phenomena on-board International Space Station: microsatellite

Pavel Klimov: First results on transient atmospheric events from Tracking Ultraviolet Set-up (TUS) on board of Lomonosov satellite 


18. Johannes Knapp: A new era of Gamma Ray Astronomy with the Cherenkov Telescope Array

19. Alexei Pozanenko:  Typical properties of TGFs registered by RHESSI experiment

20. Anton Chernenko: On the connection of TGFs and atmospheric pollution

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