Committee members

Leonid Babich, Russian Federal Nuclear Center-VNIIEF, Russia

-Dieter Betz, Munich University, Germany

Karen Buniatov, ISTC, Moscow office

Ashot Chilingarian, Alikhanyan Physics Institute, Armenia, co-chair

Norma Crosby, Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy

Lev Dorman, Israel Cosmic Ray Center and Emilio Segre' Observatory, Israel 
Joe Dwyer, Florida Institute of Technology, USA

Hartmut Gemmeke, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

Andreas Haungs, spokesman of KASCADE and LOFAR

Boris Khrenov, Moscow State University, Russia,

Karel Kudela, Institute of Experimental Physics, Slovakia

Alexandr Lidvanski, Nuclear Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Science, Russia

Jean Lilensten, Laboratory of Planetology, Grenoble, France

Michail Panasyuk, Moscow State University, Russia, co-chair

Yuri Stozhkov, Lebedev Institute, Russian Academy of Science, Russia

Il Park,  EWHA University, Seul, Korea
Cosmic Ray Division of Alikhanyan PhysicsInstituteYerevan Physics InstituteSkobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics of MoscowState University

NationalFoundation of Science and Advanced Technologies(NFSAT) SupportCommittee for Armenia's Cosmic Ray Division(SCACRD)